smokyquartz crystal val cavradi GR 8x9x4cm 316g


Delivery weight: 316 g

a natural smokyquartz crystall, millions of years old, from the world unique place of one of the most beautyful smokyquarzes of the world:



one of the most beautyful place in switzerland...


the details of this specimen are:





it is 8x9x4cm big and 316g heavy


every mineral you can buy in our page, is excatly like the one on the pictures!


every mineral from this page is in our showroom in switzerland.


give me a call and we can make an appointment there, to visite your favorite piece you saw.


i'll be very happy to answer all questions you have.


we'll send the mineral you did buy, on the same day out, you payd!   ...and to almost any place in the world.


america and switzerland are countrys who have many similaritys in many things...


american and swiss minerals are some of the most beautyful minerals from the world!!!


any questions? please contact me:   +41 76 756 66 16.

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